About us



Welcome to Alisa Rinaldi, where timeless Italian elegance meets contemporary style. Born out of a legacy of excellence in the wholesale fashion industry, we are thrilled to bring our coveted designs directly to you through our new retail sector.

At Alisa Rinaldi, we believe in the power of fashion to inspire and empower. With roots deeply embedded in Italy's rich sartorial heritage, our brand has flourished in the wholesale market, gracing boutiques and wardrobes around the world. Now, we embark on a new journey, bringing our curated collections of ladies' wear, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, directly to discerning individuals who appreciate the artistry of Italian fashion.

Our vision is simple: to offer women a carefully curated selection of apparel that seamlessly blends classic Italian craftsmanship with modern trends. Our designs are a testament to timeless sophistication and versatility, making them perfect for every occasion, from casual outings to special events. With our retail venture, we aim to provide a personalized shopping experience, ensuring that you not only wear our garments but also embrace the essence of Italian elegance.

At Alisa Rinaldi, we are more than just a fashion brand; we are a celebration of the confident, stylish, and empowered woman. Join us on this exciting retail journey and indulge in the elegance, quality, and charm that define Alisa Rinaldi. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your sartorial journey.